Smoking Aces Tattoo

Intimidated about your first tattoo?? Nervous about checking out a new shop or artist?? No need to be…

Smoking Aces is owned/operated by Kieron James, a seasoned artist who has 16 years of experience with skin & ink. Kieron began his career in Europe, and has most recently worked in San Diego, Sacramento, and now VEGAS… resulting in his versatile talent and style.

Smoking Aces prides itself on a clean and friendly atmosphere that embraces everyone. Professionally managed, you will not find any "artist attitude" here! Whether you are looking for your first tattoo or another piece of art for your vast collection, the Smoking Aces staff can accommodate your needs.

We're located at 2640 South Highland Dr. Behind Treasures. Give us a call at 702.650.3411 to make an appointment.

Shop Hours:
Open Every Day
2:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m

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